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      Being an admirer of all styles of motorbikes but being limited to what style I can ride due to my knees pretty much points me in the "cruiser" direction. This, fortunately for me, allows me to keep to my passion for all things Harley. So, I will be working through the cruiser range of Harley Davidson's and a lovely range it is too. As an owner of, first a FLHR Road King then a FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide and presently the FLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Limited I am well used to the handling of the bigger H-D cruisers so when my FLHTK decided, on a recent visit to Brechin, that it wanted a wee rest and gave up the ghost, who was I to refuse the help of West Coast Harley Davidson's Don Rutherford (who was also in attendance in Brechin) and I graciously accepted the proffered FLS while Don took my sick FLHTK back to his workshop for repair. Now, being a rather large chap at 5' 11" the FLS would not spring into my mind as being a model that I would gravitate towards, so it was with some mirth and general craic from the assembled "bikers" that I gingerly lowered myself down onto the the very small seat of the FLS. Taking a few minutes to notice how much taller everyone looked (even Paul) I set up the bikes controls and mirrors for my riding comfort and safety. I started the 103 engine, was pleased with the sound of the Vance and Hines pipes that had been fitted as an optional extra by the shop and pulled out onto the main street of Brechin. Before I go onto describing the ride of the FLS Softail Slim, I will take some time to describe the look of the bike to those not familiar with this new offering from the MC. Harley have used a set of wide handlebars that are pulled back. The seat is at knee hight (if you were standing next to it) and your feet rest on the Fat boy styled forward set running boards. The tank is a 4.2 gallon (at 43mpg) enough to give you a good range. The front end has a gloss black headlamp cover and the "cat-eye" console with as Harley describe, a retro speedo face! With the horizontal rear shocks hidden in the guts of the machine to give you a hard-tail look the overall style of the bike is a stripped down and lowered FLSTF Fat Boy with a narrow rear tyre and chopped fender it does kind of look like a classic bobber. Its certainly not unpleasing to the eye. As I took off for home, I most certainly had a smile on my face. At town speeds, the FLS is a pleasure to ride. The bike steers beautifully around the country corners behaving its self and handling just as a Harley should. Take it out onto the big bad motorways and youíre in for a completely different experience. Even and very modest motorway speeds, the stock seat on this bike makes you hang on for grim death. I was never so glad when I arrived into Dundee for the ride through Fife. Oh, now let me tell you about that hidden suspension. All I can say is, avoid pot holes at ALL COSTS. The suspension on this bike is jarring, thatís all I am going to say about it. Since getting home I have ridden the FLS over motorways and back roads. The bike is definitely meant to be kept off the motorway in its stock configuration. Would I buy this bike and not customise it? no. Would I buy this bike and spend some $$ on upgrading the seat and suspension? Hell yes, its a fun bike Facts: Model: FLS Softail Slim Top Speed: 110mph Fuel tank: 4.2 gallons (180 miles) Power/torque: N/A bhp/93lb ft @ 3,500rpm Cost: £14,695 SHD Rating: Three thumbs up (out of five)
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