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      Keep alow pressure tyre gauge (0psi - 80psi) in your bike tool bag at all times. Try to remember to check your tyre pressure every time you fill up for gas.

      Keep your tyres correctly inflated. A tyre that is very under-inflated generates a lot of heat which can lead to a blow out. tyres that run too hot also wear out more quickly. The most common motorcycle breakdown is for tyre damage.

      Purchase a pencil-type tyre gauge and use it regularly until you instinctively 'know' whatyour tyres feel like correctly inflated. Use of the gauge and visual inspections must become second nature.

      Become familiar with your motorcycle manufacturer's inflation guidelines. Look in your motorcycle owner's manual to find the right PSI (pounds per square inch) of air pressure for your tires.

      Keep in mind that these recommendations are usually dependent upon the weight of you and your passenger, as well as any cargo.

      I have been trying to keep to the above guidelines but the placement of the tyre valve on the limited edition Ultra has been causing me all sorts of problems. I asked Edinburgh H-D to fit a right angled valve to the wheels and what a differenceit makes. See photos

      Replace your tyres sooner rather than later. If tread depth is 1-2mm it is time to replace your tyres. Take a tip from the mad sport bikers and the canyon racers - they never skimp on their tyres as they are often all that stands between them and the pearly gates.
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